Young Butterflies

for whom?

young christians under 30

all christians under 30 are welcome regardless of which church they identify with

< 30

who belong to a sexual or gender minority

or who have doubts about their sexual orienation or gender identity


in Groningen en Drenthe

we currently only have activities in the city of Groningen


wat do we do?

one on one conversations

we offer young LGBT+ Christians the opportuniy to come in for a one on one conversation with one of our volunteers. Aks everything you want about sexual and gender diversity (in relation to faith)

practical info

send us an email and we will contact you shortly to make an appointment somewhere in the city of Groningen; this is completely free

how do we do it?

what we do

we offer a sympathetic ear to young christians who have questions about sexual and gender diversity

what we don't do

we do not offer counseling or pastoral care; if that is necessary we refer to a professional

what we bring

al our supervisors are experts of experience, have a certificate of good conduct and have been trained

what is our vision?


the goal of Young Butterlfies is to promote the visibility of young christians who belong ot a sexual or gender minority

point of view

we regard sexual and gender diversity as an intrinsic part of persons that can and should not be changed

make your own choices

we stimulate young Christians in love and respect to make their own choices about pursuing a same-sex relationship or going into gender transition